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Toxins in Your Tap Water: Why You Should Drill a Well

We’ve already written about the benefits of well water. For many well owners, that’s the only option for a source of drinking water. However, there are many people out there on a municipal water supply. And many of them are unaware that it’s likely legal to drill a well on their property if they so […]

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How to Prevent Water Well Contamination

While it might cost us some business down the line, as a public health service we wanted to provide advice on how to best prevent well water contamination. 1. Slope the area around the wellhead away from the wellhead. Often the contamination occurs simply by contaminated run-off going directly into the wellhead. This is an […]

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Reasons to Get Your Well Water Tested Immediately

More than 3 million North Carolina residents rely on well water as their primary drinking source, yet fewer than 200,000 wells were tested for contaminants in the last decade (2000-2010). This is a scary but true statistic. But that doesn’t mean you don’t have to be on the wrong side of it. Regular testing and […]

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Annual Water Well Inspection Checklist

Unless there is a surprise deep freeze, spring is just around the corner. That means it’s a great time for your water well’s annual inspection and maintenance. Why Get Your Raleigh Area Well Inspected and Tested? Properly maintaining your well is crucial for one obvious reason: clean water is critical for you and your family’s […]

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Filtered Tap Water or Bottled Water: Which is Better?

It’s a hot summer afternoon, so you stop in a local grocery store looking for some groceries.  As you begin to check out, you walk pass a refrigerator filled with ice cold, bottled water.  As you walk pass, you stick your hand and grab you a bottle to go.  That simple, that quick, you are […]

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