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FAQ’s about Private Water Wells

At A&T Well and Pump, we are often asked numerous questions about the wells and the water within them. Understandably, the general public may have concerns about contamination, how a well is drilled and where the water comes from. Here is a list of some of the most common questions asked to A&T's professional water well installation team:

Where Does the Water in a Private Well Come From?

Water from a private well is obtained by pumping ground water from an aquifer. Ground water is located below the Earth's surface and is commonly located between pores and spaces in rock.

What Kind of Water Wells are Available?

Three basic types of wells exist.
  1. Dug - a shallow dug well, reaching the water table
  2. Drilled - a hole bored into the ground by a large drill bit
  3. Driven - consists of a large spike, driven like a nail to access the water

Will the Government Test My Water?

If you are using a private well, the answer is NO. Private well owners are responsible for their own water supply.

What Should I Test For?

When testing, check for the total amount of coliforms present, fecal coliforms, pH contaminants, nitrates and volatile organic compounds. Other potential contaminants are possible. Geographic location and the location of your well on your property can be a factor as well. Pesticides, mercury, arsenic and lead may be present.

What Can Cause Contamination?

Contamination can occur by naturally occurring elements and minerals. Land use can be a major contributing factor, such as farm land with animals was nearby. Sewage overflows and faulty wastewater treatment systems can be a catastrophe for private well owners.

How Often Should Water Be Tested?

Once per year is ideal for regularly testing. However, it is important to test if problems have been documented in the general area, if water quality has changed or if any repairs or replacement is made to your system. If you have experienced flooding or other land disturbances, extensive testing is a must.

Who Will Test My Well?

The local and state health or environmental agencies will often test the general region if a problem arises. However, private owners are responsible for their own regularly scheduled testing. Testing should not be conducted haphazardly. You and your family's health are too important to take testing lightly. Make sure you have your system tested by a professional.

Call a Water Well and Pump Professional!

Our state licensed team of professionals are qualified for water well testing. They know what to look for and how to treat or repair your system. Don't put your health at risk, contact a qualified service professional. The professionals of A&T Well and Pump are available 24/7 for all your water well needs. Give us a call at 919-291-4063 or complete the online contact form to receive a consultation from our experienced staff.

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