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Hand Water Pumps: Choosing the Right One for Your Home

If you have a well where you obtain your home's supply of water, you realize that you can have water as long as you have electricity. When you lose power, you have no water because your well operates on electricity. We live in a world where things happen. Certitude is the exception. There is no assurance that you will always have electricity. Power outages occur all the time due to weather, especially as severe storms seem to be on the rise. But, there are other scenarios that cause loss of power like a sudden deep freeze and you have forgotten to put your heat source near the well pump or a major power grid breakdown occurs and you lose electricity for a long period of time.

hand water pump

What do you do when you lose electricity? The best solution is to have a hand water pump for your backup plan. A&T Well and Pump can help you choose the right kind of hand water pump for your home or business. In this article, we give you some basics to get started.

Why You Need a Hand Water Pump

As we just stated, losing electrical power means you don't have water that is accessible when you use a well. A hand water pump may be the only way you can get water when you lose power and live in a rural area. Manual hand pumps can run alongside powered pumps and allow for slower water sourcing, yet are still effective. However, most hand water pumps do not operate with deep wells.

How a Hand Water Pump Works

A hand water pump lifts small amounts of water by drawing the water upon the downstroke of a long handle mounted at the top of the pump. On the upstroke movement of the handle, the plunger is reset to the original starting position. A series of simple valves prevent water from dropping back down the well by using the principle of vacuum suction. Flow rates can be increased with the stroke, pipe diameter, and depth.

How to Find the Right Hand Water Pump

Here are some of the factors you need to consider when searching for your hand water pump.

Quality Construction

Look for high-quality materials in stainless steel and avoid plastic components. Plastic can become brittle over time and reduce the efficiency of a pump in a deep freeze or an earthquake.

Depth of the Well

Get an accurate measurement of the depth of your well. Different hand pumps can pull water from different depths, so this information is very important as you search. Let A&T Well and Pumps help supply you with this information.

Serviceability and Warranty

Be sure to educate yourself on the serviceability and warranty information that comes with a hand pump. When you need a new part, you want to be able to find it.


A hand pump with a long handle requires less strength when you are pumping whereas one with a short handle requires more strength. Also, consider whether the pump can work alongside your existing pump or needs to be installed in its own dedicated well.

Shallow or Deep Well

Depending on the depth of your well, you will need a hand pump that can handle it whether shallow or deep. Most hand well pumps are suited for shallow wells while just a few will accommodate a deep well.


Some hand pumps can be installed easily and quickly; others require help from a professional for drilling. A&T Well and Pump has experience with all types of hand pumps and can install your pump with ease.

Flow Rate

Flow rates vary for different types of pumps. Depending on your needs, you should look for a pump that matches the desired flow rate. For example, if you need to provide water for livestock in addition to your own personal needs, you will need a pump with a maximum flow. If you will only need a few gallons a day, then a lower flow pump will suffice.

Top Deep Well Pumps - A Comparison

Here is a comparison table for some of the top deep well pumps:

BrandModelMaximum DepthFlowConstructionWarranty
Bison PumpStandard
Deep Well
300'20 oz./Stroke304 Stainless SteelLifetime
Simple PumpSimple Pump
325'5 gallons/minuteStainless Steel50 years
FlojakFlojak Plus150'10 gallons/minuteStainless Steel2 years
Lehman'sDeep Well
Hand Pump
225'39-15 oz/strokeCast Iron1 year

Top Shallow Well Pumps - A Comparison

Bison Pump190025'19 oz/stroke304 Stainless SteelLifetime
Simple PumpSimple Pump
Hand Operated
325'5 gallons/minuteStainless Steel50 years
FlojakFlojak "Original"100'10 gallons/minutePVC2 years
Lehman'sClosed Spout Hand
20'9 oz/strokeCast Iron/Brass1 year

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