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How To Improve Well Water Quality

While most wells in Raleigh provide high quality water that is safe, it is not uncommon for well owners to have water quality problems. Sometimes a problem in your well’s water quality is quite apparent. Other times you might require well water testing in order to discover the problem. 

At A&T Well and Pump, we take pride in being your local expert on wells. We’re sharing ways to improve well water quality, as well as water treatment methods.

Signs There Is Something Wrong With Your Well Water Quality

The first step to improving water quality is being on the lookout for signs that show there is something amiss. There are often some visible signs that may indicate contamination in water.

Cloudy Water

The first sign you should be on the lookout for is turbid or unclear water. If the water appears to be murky or dirty, this could indicate a potential plumbing problem.

Salty Taste

A salty taste in water could also indicate a problem with your water quality. This could mean the water has high quantities of dissolved salts, including sodium chlorine. High quantities of these salts can also cause potential plumbing problems.

Scale Build Up

A scale buildup in your well water also signals an underlying problem. A scummy texture to the water is attributed to a high content of calcium or magnesium. 

Unusual Smell

If you detect an unusual smell from your well, such as chlorine or detergent, this may also indicate that your water quality is being compromised.

Ways To Improve Well Water Quality

If you detect problems with your well water, there are certain measures you can take in order to return the quality to better standards:

Remove Sources of Contamination

Water quality problems in wells can often be due to human activities. If this is the case, your best solution is to remove these sources of contamination. Oftentimes the source of contamination can be local. For example, fertilizers or pesticides, a chemical spill, a leaking tank, or seepage from a barnyard. If you are able to detect these contaminants and eliminate their sources, the water quality will naturally improve through the process of filtration. If the water quality does not improve on its own, you may have to add an additional correcting solution. 

Repair Plumbing

A bacterial contamination or the presence of fertilizers in your well water could be due to poor plumbing. The faulty plumbing affects the system of the well and allows contaminants such as pesticides, minerals, and chemicals to enter the water. Having the plumbing repaired should hinder any such substances from entering the water in the future. In order to restore the water quality, you will have to make sure that it is filtered to remove the contaminants that have already entered.

Install a Water Treatment System

It can be difficult to monitor and treat you well’s water quality on your own. That is why it is recommended to seek professional help. Professional water treatment specialists can quickly inspect any well water issues and work towards solving them. It is best practice to regularly employ water treatment professionals to ensure your well water is always top notch. A comprehensive water treatment system will include an inspection, flushing of the well and pipes to remove any contaminated water, disinfecting the well water, and retesting to ensure no new contaminants have entered the well. Preventative maintenance will help keep your water quality up to the highest standards.

Let Us Help You Improve Your Well Water Quality

If you want to improve the quality of your well water, the experts at A&T Well and Pump can help! Not only can we guide you on the proper measures to enhance your well water’s quality, but we can also offer routine water inspection and treatment services. 

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