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Brace Yourself: How to Prepare Your Private Well for Hurricane Irma

2017 has been a very active season when it comes to hurricanes with Hurricane Harvey slamming into the Texas gulf coast giving concerns with their city water and private wells. Now, our next concern in Hurricane Irma, which is going to threaten the Atlantic states. As Irma slowly drives her way towards the Carolinas, there may be some concerns about your private well system.

Why should I protect my Private Well during a Hurricane?

When it comes to natural disasters, there are various concerns that may affect your water.  When it comes to a flooded well, bacterial contamination is a common occurrence and is very concerning because it can have negative effects on your body if consumed or bathed.

Private Well Water Before a Natural Disaster

In preparation for a hurricane or any other natural disaster, it is key to keep your well pump protected and prepared for the upcoming storm or disaster.

Protecting Your Well Pump

The first and most important thing you can do to protect your well is to plug or cap the well before the disaster occurs.  Plugging or capping the well will greatly reduce the potential for flooding and damage to your well.

Purchase Spring Water for Use

During flooding, water can become tainted and unclean. So, residents should go out and purchase bottled water to sustain them through the storm.  The water should be used for cooking, bathing, drinking, and any other use that involves humans or animals.

Private Well Water After a Natural Disaster

Once a hurricane, flood, or any other natural disaster has cleared, it is time to get back to work to restore your well water safe for consumption and utilizing.  Returning home after flood waters have receded can often be an anxious and traumatizing experience depending on the amount of damage.

Do Not Drink Well Water

Due to different bacteria, pesticides, contaminations, feces, and other questionable elements that can be found in a well.  So, the first thing residents should do is avoid drinking the well water until it has been properly inspected and cleared by a certified technician. Before the storm, you should have stocked up on bottle water that you and your family can use and consume until the inspection is finished.

Avoid Well Pump

While the well water pump is flooded, it is important to stay away from the well to avoid electric shock.  Only a certified well water inspector, like A&T Well Pump, should be allowed to work on the well water pump to bring it back to working order.

Contact A&T Well Pump to help restore your Well Water Pump

A&T Well Pump in Raleigh, NC services and restores well pumps within a 40-mile radius of the Raleigh area.  A&T Well Pump will inspect and restore your flooded well pump to working order, so you and your family can safely consume the water again.

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