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Is the Water from My Well Safe?

If your Raleigh home has a private water well, you may be asking yourself, "is the water I drink from my well safe?" Most well water is safe for consumption, but a risk can arise. Knowing what might be lurking in your well and what you can do to solve any issue will help maintain a healthy private well.

What are Potential Issues with Well Water?

Commonly, well water can contain a number of different contaminants. Some of these are natural elements and minerals such as iron, magnesium, and copper. These are less harmful when consumed but can leave discoloration in your sink and bathtubs. Pathogens, man-made pollutants, and heavy metals such as arsenic are another issue, however. When consumed these contaminants can make us sick and the symptoms may not be immediate, but can build up in the body and lead to chronic illness later.

How Can I Assure My Well Water is Safe?

Proper well maintenance is a the #1 thing you can do to assure well safety. Make sure you properly dispose of chemicals and other waste materials to avoid contamination. By having a professional well service company inspect your water, you can determine the quality of the water you consume. These tests are fairly simple, and once completed, you can take the steps to ensure your water is safe for consumption. Water tests should be conducted regularly, and by keeping accurate records of tests you can be aware of any changes before an issue arises. If necessary a professional well service company can offer filtration for your entire home!

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