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Well Pump Repair/Replacement: Signs of Failure

A well pump is an essential part of any Raleigh home with well water. A good well pump can provide your home with reliable service for many years. However, just like anything in your home, well water pumps can get old and slow down or stop working altogether. Since most Raleigh well pumps are not in plain sight, like other household items are, it can be much harder to tell the status of your pump. Whether your well pump needs repairing or replacing, we are here to help!

Raleigh Well Pump Repair

Signs of Trouble with Your Raleigh Well Pump:

1. Well pumps air. If at any point you turn on the faucet and water sputters with blasts of air, this could be a sign of a problem. This is usually a sign that there is pressure but no adequate volume of water will come out of the faucet.

2. Sudden rise in your electric bill. This is a very bad thing not only for your wallet but also for your water supply. This could be a sign that your pump is constantly running and not pumping enough water or providing enough pressure to your pipes.

3. Decrease in water pressure. Any time you turn on the faucet or shower and there is a noticeable drop in water pressure for long periods of time, this could be a sign that your Raleigh well pump is not operating properly. Usually, this is a sign that the pump is not able to provide pressure to the system quick enough which could be a sign of failure or a failing pump.

4. Odd noises. Any odd or unusual noises from your water pump or tank could be a sign of strain on the pump. Strain ultimately leads to failure of the pump or other mechanisms.

5. No water. If you turn on your faucet, shower, or other household item and there is no water, this is usually the sign of a problem. Always be sure that the pump is getting power before assuming that the pump has failed. If the control board is getting power but there is still no water, then the water pump may be inoperable. *Always consult an expert before attempting any home repairs.

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