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Well Water Safety After a Flood

After significant flooding many Raleigh area residents may be wondering if their well water is safe to drink. If you suspect your well may have been compromised, it is better to play it safe than sorry. Don't drink the water, don't brush your teeth with it, don't bathe in it, and don't wash things like dishes and laundry with it. Contact a Raleigh Well repair specialist or your local health department for more specific instructions on testing your water's safety.

Did Flood Water Cover Your Well?

During a flood, water contaminated with microorganisms such as bacteria, sewage, chemicals, agricultural, or industrial waste can find it's way into your well water. Residents with private wells should take extra precautions if their well was covered with flood waters or if there has been a noticeable change in the taste, color, or odor of their water.

Homeowners are urged to have their wells tested if they have any doubts about the safety of their water. In the meantime, if you believe you are at risk for microorganism contamination, you should bring your water to a rolling boil for one full minute before drinking or cooking with it. Even after boiling you should never use water for baby formula until it has been properly tested. Use bottled water instead.

Well Water Contamination Tips

If your well has been contaminated with bacteria or microorganisms, there are a few steps that should be taken.

First of all, stay away from the electrical components of your well if it is still surrounded by water. Don't underestimate the destructive power of rushing water. If it can carry a car away it can certainly cause physical damage to your well pump's electrical system. Damaged or exposed wiring plus water can equal electric shock! Rubber boots and gloves will not provide adequate protection.

Don't play Russian roulette. Call the experienced Raleigh water well contractors at A & T Well and Pump. Your licensed specialist will safely deal with any electrical problems, clean and turn on your pump, flush and disinfect your well, and perform any other maintenance that may be necessary at the time.

Other Non-Biological Hazards

Under no circumstances should you drink your well water if it smells like petroleum or chemicals. Disinfecting your well will not protect you from non-biological hazards like pesticides and heavy metals. A proper filtration system can usually remove the majority of these types of contaminants, but special treatment may be required in certain circumstances.

Contact a Licensed Raleigh Well Contractor Today

Water wells are complex systems that require specialized knowledge to maintain and repair. If your Raleigh area well has been flooded, use caution and boil your water or used bottled water only until a qualified technician can fully inspect your well. Don't try to fix it yourself. Saving a little money is not worth getting sick or electrocuted! Call A & T Well and Pump today at (919) 291-4063 for fast, reliable, 24/7 service.

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