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What Type of Well Pump Do I Need?

If you're like most Raleigh homeowners who rely on a water well, you probably don't give your well pump too much thought until there's a problem. This means that you probably don't know what type of pump you currently have in your well. Why is it important to know what type of well pump you need? Whether you need to troubleshoot a minor issue, call for well pump repair, or need a replacement, knowing what's going on in your water well can help you make the right move to get things flowing smoothly again and help save you time and stress.

When Is It Time to Replace a Well Pump?

While our ancestors used to have to draw buckets to get water from the well, we can benefit from modern technology to do the heavy lifting for us. Your well pump is the mechanical system that pumps the water from the underground water table into your home. Normally, you can expect your pump to last around 10 years, especially if you're using the right one for your well. However, with proper well maintenance, it's not uncommon for a pump to last up to 15 years. If you're not sure how old your existing well pump is, but you know it's getting toward it's average life span, you'll want to start looking for signs it's time to replace the pump, such as  a decrease in water pressure or you notice your pump is cycling on and off constantly. For more information, we encourage you to read about how to tell if your well pump is going bad.

Understanding the Types of Well Pumps

When you are ready to have a new pump installed in your home's water well, it can help to know what type of pump you have so you can work with your well pump installation company to make the best choice. Typically, the type of pump you will need is dependent upon the standard depth of your well.

Shallow Well Pumps

For wells that are only 25 feet deep, a jet pump is mounted above the well, usually in the home or an exterior well house.  An electric motor operates an impeller, which is a pump that operates by centrifugal force. The impeller pulls water from the well into a narrow pipe. As water flows into the narrow pipe, it picks up speed, and as water flows out, a vacuum is created. It's action is closely represented by drinking through a straw. Because water is traveling a short distance coupled with the simple efficiency of the construction, shallow well pumps are reliable and easy to maintain. However, if a well is deeper than 25 feet, it won't be able to pull water at the needed flow, and you'll have poor water pressure.

Deep Well Pumps

For wells at a depth of 25 to 100 feet, you can still use a jet pump, but it needs an extra boost. While the motor and impeller are mounted above the water like in the shallow well pump, a pipe is ran from the impeller housing into a jet injector that is below the water line. This provides more suction power and faster water flow.

Submersible Well Pumps

Most of Raleigh wells are dug below 100 feet, which means a submersible well pump is often the best option. Like the name suggests, this type of pump is under the water line, so it can push water up instead of pulling it. Because it is under water, the pump is 100 percent sealed to prevent leaks, and inside the case is a sealed motor that powers the pump and is connected to a power source above ground, while the pumping mechanism itself has multiple impellers to push water up the pipe. Additionally, the pump is connected to the water storage tank by a pipe that runs beneath the ground. Because submersibles are installed within the well, only a professional well service company should repair or install this equipment.

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