raleigh residential water well

The Parts of Your Raleigh Water Well

Previously, we have described the steps taken to dig and create a water well and well pump system for a home or business. Now, we have created resource for anyone interested in learning about the basic components of a well pump system. Take a look to learn more about a Raleigh well pump system!

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underwater video camera raleigh

Do You Need a Video Well Inspection?

Deep well inspections require advanced technology to reach issues that a well inspector can’t physically reach. By using a camera encased in a waterproof housing, an inspection can find a wide range of potential issues.

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well water testing in raleigh

FAQ’s about Private Water Wells

A&T Well and Pump receive questions regularly about well water safety. We understand the concerns of anyone drinking, cooking or bathing in well water and have compiled a list of frequently asked questions and answers. Take a look at this great resource to for any water well questions you may have.

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raleigh water well drilling

The Essentials of Water Well Installation

Have you ever been curious about the well digging process and what it requires? You can be sure it takes more than digging a quick hole in the ground. We have provided some information on the process to help prepare you for what to expect when your contractor digs your well.

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Water Well Truck Drilling Rig

How is a Water Well Drilled?

They way we extract water from below Earth’s surface has changed throughout history. We no longer have to dig deep pits into the Earth by hand. Learn how we use machines to access clean drinking water.

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stone water well in raleigh

Is the Water from My Well Safe?

If you use a well for your water consumption, how can you be sure that it is safe for consumption? A & T Well and Pump offers insight on what you can do to reduce chances of harmful contaminants from your well.

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