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Well Repair in Raleigh

If your Raleigh home or business uses a water well, at some point you may need service to keep the well providing clean water and operating efficiently. Even the most diligent well owner can find themselves with poor water quality, especially those living near farms or areas with heavy rain overflow or fertilizer run off.

Your health can be jeopardized by poor well maintenance. It is recommended to have a water well inspection at least once per year to reduce the chance of a contaminated water well.

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How Did Your Well Become Contaminated?

A well in need of repair can occur because of a variety of factors. Excessive rain can weaken the walls of the well or over time, the material used to create the wall barrier can deteriorate, leading to leaks or contamination.

Livestock living near a well can easily contribute to fecal contamination, and extreme care must be taken to avoid soiling the water table.

What Can a Homeowner in Raleigh Do about a Contaminated Water Well?

The well service professionals of A&T Well and Pump are capable of finding the issue at hand, and providing a remedy quickly and efficiently. Our team can be reached anytime, day or night, to test and repair a contaminated water well system.

Is Your Home Experiencing These Water Well Issues?

Contact the water well professionals at A&T Well and Pump if you experience:

  • Discolored water
  • Poor water pressure
  • Sand or dirt in your water
  • A sudden change in water taste
  • Sink holes in your yard
  • Pump continues to run
  • No water coming from faucets
  • Utility bills increase

One of the biggest culprits for a well in need of repair is a faulty well pump. In addition to these symptoms, any number of factors can contribute to the contamination or breakdown of a water well. It takes an experienced well repair professional to determine the extent of the damage and the steps necessary for remediation. We never guess what the problem is, and if we are still unsure what’s causing the issue, we will use video equipment to inspect the well. Once we identify the issue with your well, we will provide you with the most cost effective solutions that will get your well running smoothly again.

You can’t afford to use contaminated well water. Make sure you contact the water well repair professionals who can get the job done right the first time!

Water Well Repair FAQ’s

How Long Will A Water Well Last?

Well water is considered to be a long-lasting and efficient way to supply large amounts of people with a steady flow of water.  This means that there can be thousands of people relying on the well for their daily supply of water, but how long will a well last?  There are multiple components to a well such as the infrastructure of the well, the water pump within the well, and the groundwater supply of the well.  Typically the pump will last roughly 10 years before it is in need of replacement but the infrastructure of the well and the groundwater supply will typically last much longer than that.  There are wells that have been around for hundreds of years.  Obviously it is important to perform routine maintenance on wells to make sure they are performing in a safe and efficient manner.  You can typically expect that the water well in your area will last for many years as long as it is properly taken care of.

Can A Well Casing Be Repaired?

A well casing is the shell of the pipe that pumps water from the groundwater reserve up into the reservoir tank.  This means that in order to properly bring safe and clean water up into the reservoir it is important that the well casing is in great condition.  It is possible for forces such as corrosion to damage the casing of the well, which can be difficult to repair because of how deep down the system is.  Our team can help diagnose the health of your well and put together an action plan in order to help your well, pump, and casing operate at the level it should be.

What Are The Different Types Of Wells?

When it comes to private wells that are used for drinking water there are typically three main types of wells.  The first type is dug wells which is a well that is traditionally dug by hand with a shovel.  This means the well is much wider in diameter compared to other types of wells but don’t go nearly as deep.  The second type of wells are called driven wells which is constructed by driving a thin pipe roughly 50 feet deep into the ground.  The driving piping is built with a protective lining called casing.  The third type of wells are called drilled wells which are typically constructed with the use of a drilling machine.  Drilled wells can be thousands of feet deep and require strong casing to protect the well piping.

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