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Well Abandonment in Raleigh

Temporary & Permanent Water Well Abandonment in Raleigh NC

A&T Well and Pump of Raleigh offers well abandonment and repair service in accordance with North Carolina State Regulations. Our experienced team of professionals offer both temporary and permanent water well abandonment services for bored and drilled wells.

Unused, abandoned, or contaminated water wells pose serious health threats. An open well can also create a hazardous landscape. It is important to have your Raleigh area well properly abandoned according to the state-outlined procedures.

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Let our Well Pump Repair and Well Abandonment Team Assist You with:

  • Temporarily Abandoned Wells
  • Permanently Abandoned Wells
  • Drilled Wells
  • Bored Wells
  • Sealing Unused or Contaminated Wells

Who Is Responsible For Abandoning A Well?

In North Carolina, a well owner is responsible for safely abandoning the well, unless the well was abandoned due to faulty construction or improper installation, in which case contractors are responsible.

Any person abandoning a well must submit a record of abandonment (form GW-30) to the Division of Water Quality within 30 days after completion.

Temporarily Abandoned Wells In North Carolina

A temporarily abandoned well must be sealed with a watertight cap- or else otherwise compatible with the surrounding casing. It must be firmly attached, and difficult to remove by hand. The well must be maintained so as not to become a source of contamination. If your Raleigh area well needs temporary sealing, call the abandonment professionals at 919-291-4063 today for a no obligation estimate.

Permanently Abandoned Wells In Raleigh, North Carolina

According to Wake County’s website: By giving WCDES 24 hours notice and obtaining a permit, only the property owner or a certified well contractor registered with Wake County may abandon a well.

The Wake County Government offers detailed requirements for safe well abandonment, to protect North Carolina’s soil and water tables and prevent contamination and injury. Let the professionals at A&T Well and Pump handle your Raleigh well abandonment, protecting the environment and your family.

Well Abandonment FAQ’s

Who Is Responsible For Abandoning A Well?

The regulations may depend on which state you live in but in North Carolina, it is the responsibility of the owner of the well to safely and properly abandon the well.  This means that the proper regulations must be met in order to abandon the well in a safe manner to make sure that nobody in the future will be harmed because of the well system.  If the well is being abandoned because of poor construction or because it was installed improperly then it is possible for the contractors to be responsible for abandoning the well in a safe and legal manner.  Our team can help you properly and safely abandon your well in order to abide by NC law.

What Are Temporary Abandoned Wells?

A temporary abandoned well is a well that will be inactive for a short period of time compared to being closed indefinitely.  This can because the landowner isn’t planning on using the well for a few months, or because they need to perform long term maintenance on the well or the surrounding area.  To remain listed as a temporary well there must be a plan for the well to reopen in the future.  If you are planning on temporarily abandoning your well you must follow the proper regulations.  This involves notifying the state of the temporary abandonment as well as placing a watertight cap on the well.  Even if the well isn’t being used it still must be kept clean and free of any contamination throughout the entirety of the abandonment period.

When Should You Abandon A Water Well?

A well that hasn’t been used for an extended period of time it can be a good idea to plan on abandoning the well.  If you are planning on utilizing the water well in the future, we recommend that you perform a temporary abandonment in order to comply with state legislation.  You must notify your state that you are planning on abandoning the well and you must have the well properly sealed.  This involves having a cap placed on the well that isn’t easily moved.  It also required that the well is kept clean and contaminate free even though the well is not in use.  If it isn’t kept up to par you may not be able to reopen the well in the future.

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