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Raleigh Trenching Contractors

A&T Well and Pump offers services beyond Raleigh well pump repair! Our team routinely provides trenching to new construction, homes receiving a remodel and individuals needing to provide water to multiple locations.

Trenching Services

Water wells require a plumbing system to send water to the appropriate destination. In order for the piping to be buried, a trench must first be dug below the frost layer at the appropriate depth to avoid freezing.

Our team provides trenching services for well owners looking to funnel water to different locations or those needing repairs.

Trenching is needed to help:

  • Repair and replacement of broken water lines
  • Run lines to multiple locations from one water source
  • Re-route water service
  • Locating wells and lines
  • Preparing water lines in the foundation

Benefits of Trenching

Raleigh Trenching ContractorsOften, farming irrigation systems require trenching from an existing well to fields, livestock pens and ponds. Trenching allows water to easily transport through a pipeline, reaching the different endpoints for your water supply. Proper well trenching can also prevent excess water from overspilling, eliminating water waste.

Our trenching contractors have the experience needed to complete your trenching job while complying with state and city codes.

Trenching Contractors in Raleigh

Well trenching is constructed to develop a successful underground pipeline installation. The trenching contractors at A & T Well and Pump are equipped with the expertise, equipment, and efficient installation to provide a quick and custom well trenching solution for your home. The team at A & T Well and Pump can help assess your soil and terrain in order to meet safety and environmental compliance for your new trench. Our trenching company ensures that we will work to achieve high-quality standards throughout the trenching process.

Our team has the capacity to take on trenching jobs small to large, offering a clean, safe, and fast trenching job, paired with our competitive prices to keep your project cost-effective.

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A&T Well and Pump of Raleigh has provided citizens of the Triangle with superior well digging, pump repair and trenching services for more than a decade. Call us today or fill out the form below to get a quote from our licensed water well pump professionals in Raleigh.