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Well Water Treatment and Disinfection in Raleigh

Well water in and around Raleigh is generally safe and healthy for your family to drink, cook with and use for household needs. However, if you have concerns about the purity of your water or fear your well may have been contaminated, it’s important to contact us for well water testing and proper treatment. We can quickly and effectively inspect your well for issues, test for bacteria, and disinfect your your water in order to and remove dangerous bacteria and pollutants that could harm you and your family.

Why Is Well Water Testing Important?

While the EPA has guidelines related to public water testing, it’s important to know that those guidelines don’t apply to private wells. This means that as a homeowner, you’re responsible for making sure your water is safe, and we can help you do that by providing comprehensive testing, including looking at:

  • Coliform bacteria: These are microbes that are found in human and animal waste, within the soil, and surface water (runoff from rain, and water in puddles, ponds, and lakes). HIgh quantities in your water can be a sign of harmful bacteria, including E. Coli, parasites, and other things that can make you very sick.
  • pH balance: Making sure your water is neither too acidic or basic is important both in how your water looks and tastes, but also to make sure it’s not corroding your pipes and leaching lead into your water.
  • Nitrates: Like coliform, this can come from waste, septic leaks, flooded sewers, or even plant decay.
  • Volatile organic compounds (VOCs): Industrial and petroleum-based chemicals can enter the ground water system and are highly toxic. We test for benzene, carbon tetrachloride, and other pollutants.

Well Water Treatment in Raleigh

If we discover any presence of harmful bacteria or pollutants, we will work quickly to restore safe, healthy water to your home. If your well needs to be cleaned and your water treated, we offer a highly comprehensive service that includes:

  • Video well inspections to look for debris and check the electrical system that runs the pump.
  • Flushing the well and pipes of any contaminated water.
  • Disinfecting the well water with a carefully measured chlorine solution.
  • Retesting in a few weeks to ensure no contaminants have re-entered the well.

When Should I Have My Well  Treated?

You should have your well water tested annually to ensure it maintains its safety. However, there are other times when you should call our well treatment company in Raleigh, including:

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Why You Should Never Treat Your Own Well

While there are instructions online for “shocking” a well, we don’t recommend it. Sanitizing a water well isn’t exactly a simple process, and in order to be thorough, the well itself needs to be cleaned. Just like with any construction project, certain dangers are inherently present when digging or repairing a water well. However, most people don’t realize that cleaning a contaminated well can be hazardous as well.

Some of the hazards that come with cleaning and disinfecting a well include:

  • Electrical Shock – wet connections or frayed wiring can cause shock if the electrical system isn’t turned off. A well repair technician in Raleigh can properly diagnose and repair faulty wiring.
  • Sharp/jagged debris – if a well has been contaminated by flooding or disasters, glass, wood and metal could be present. Debris should be removed without physically entering the well.
  • Dangerous Vapors and Gases – Certain gases can accumulate in closed water wells and chlorine solutions used to treat contaminated water wells can cause skin and eye irritation and emit harmful vapors. Working in open air areas is ideal to avoid vapor inhalation.
  • Improper Dosage – Cleansing the well requires precise measurement of the solution to adequately decontaminate the well. Too little solution and the bacteria and other contaminants can survive. Too much solution and the water well can be over saturated causing the well owner longer wait times for safe water.

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