Frozen Raleigh well water pipes could cause damage

Thawing Outdoor and Well Water Pipes

While Raleigh area winters generally aren’t too severe, it’s not uncommon for overnight temperatures in December, January, and February to dip well below 20 degrees. Temperatures that low can cause your outdoor and well water pipes to freeze, interrupting your water flow and even causing pipes to burst.  We shared how to prevent your outdoor […]

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Rusty Water Pipes

The Aging Water Infrastructure: The Real Reason to get a Well

The well-documented health crisis in Flint, MI helped spotlight the aging water infrastructure issue in the USA. To summarize, in April 2014 the Flint MI water source was changed from Lake Huron to the Flint River. The city was using water from Lake Huron for 50+ years, but the cost of water was one of […]

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What is a Boil-Water Advisory?

Today’s boil-water advisory issued by OWASA in the Chapel Hill / Carrboro NC area gives us the timely opportunity to examine this topic. This same event happened back in February of 2017 as well, effectively mandating that all residents of the Chapel Hill / Carrboro NC area drink bottled water for 1.5 days. What is […]

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Can a Water Well Run Dry?

Short answer: yes. What does it mean when a water well runs dry? Quality wells are drilled so they reach groundwater aquifers. When the water level goes below the intake — for whatever reason — then it’s said the well has “run dry.” What is an aquifer? Aquifers are not underground rivers as some like […]

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Well Water Is Better Than Tap Water

Is Well Water Better for You Than City Water?

The short answer is: it depends. One city’s water is better than other city’s water, and one well can produce better water than another. Consider the Source of Water To begin to answer this question, one must first consider the source of the water. Most city water is thoroughly treated water from nearby reservoir rivers […]

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How To Tell When Your Well Pump Is Going Bad

How To Tell If Your Well Pump is Going Bad

Water wells have their advantages over tap water, but it requires the installation and maintenance of your own equipment. A properly functioning well pump is a critical part to the system, so it is often a point of failure. Unless there is a blown circuit or switch, it rarely simply stops working — typically it […]

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Water Well Dry Spell

Managing Your Well During a Drought or Dry Spell

Owning a private water well is not as drought-proof as some people think. Wells can run dangerously low or dry even if proper precautions are followed. Read our 6 tips so that you can properly manage your water well during drought conditions. 1) Regular Testing A well drilling professional can test your well to see […]

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Do I Need to Filter My Well Water?

Some well water is safe to drink without being filtered, but the percentage of wells where that’s the case is dwindling. Before deciding it’s OK to drink straight from a well without a filter, you must get the water tested, and continue to test it regularly. Nothing you can read or do will change how […]

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Health Benefits of Drinking Quality Water

The U.S. Center for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) recommends drinking eight, 8-ounce glasses of water every day. Below is a list of health benefits of drinking quality water: 1) Weight Loss When someone drinks water before eating, they feel fuller, eat less, and boost their metabolism in the process. Many people mistake thirst for […]

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raleigh residential water well

Why Do I Need to Properly Abandon a Water Well?

We get asked this question routinely, so in the spirit of educating the customer, below is the answer: So Why Do You Need to do Anything to Abandon a Well? Can’t you just leave it be? After all, you’re abandoning it, right? Not so fast. You are legally responsible for properly abandoning the well because […]

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