Using fertilizer safely around well water in Raleigh

Are Fertilizers and Lawn Products Safe If I Have a Well?

With warm weather and longer days arriving to Raleigh, if you’re like most homeowners, you’re ready to get outside, eager to plant your vegetable and flower gardens and bring your lawn back to life after a drab, gray winter. Perhaps you even use fertilizers, insecticides, and herbicides to keep your garden free of bugs and […]

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Raleigh well water testing

Testing for Lead in Your Home’s Water Supply

How do you know if your well water is truly safe to drink? After the Flint, Michigan water crisis shed light on municipal water issues, many Raleigh homeowners with wells were thankful they didn’t have to rely on city infrastructure and any potential dangers of lead contamination. However, it’s still important to know that your […]

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Well Pump Replacement Raleigh

Three Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Well Pump

Your well pump may be the most important piece of equipment in your home, even more than your HVAC or refrigerator. We use water for everything, from cooking and drinking to laundry and showering, and your well pump is responsible for supplying your home with the clean, fresh water you need. However, well water pumps […]

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Frozen Raleigh well water pipes could cause damage

Thawing Outdoor and Well Water Pipes

While Raleigh area winters generally aren’t too severe, it’s not uncommon for overnight temperatures in December, January, and February to dip well below 20 degrees. Temperatures that low can cause your outdoor and well water pipes to freeze, interrupting your water flow and even causing pipes to burst.  We shared how to prevent your outdoor […]

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Rusty Water Pipes

The Aging Water Infrastructure: The Real Reason to get a Well

The well-documented health crisis in Flint, MI helped spotlight the aging water infrastructure issue in the USA. To summarize, in April 2014 the Flint MI water source was changed from Lake Huron to the Flint River. The city was using water from Lake Huron for 50+ years, but the cost of water was one of […]

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What is a Boil-Water Advisory?

Today’s boil-water advisory issued by OWASA in the Chapel Hill / Carrboro NC area gives us the timely opportunity to examine this topic. This same event happened back in February of 2017 as well, effectively mandating that all residents of the Chapel Hill / Carrboro NC area drink bottled water for 1.5 days. What is […]

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Can a Water Well Run Dry?

Short answer: yes. What does it mean when a water well runs dry? Quality wells are drilled so they reach groundwater aquifers. When the water level goes below the intake — for whatever reason — then it’s said the well has “run dry.” What is an aquifer? Aquifers are not underground rivers as some like […]

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