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Well Pump Repair & Well Drilling in Fuquay-Varina

A & T Well and Pump is a company that offers round-the-clock emergency services to residents and businesses in Fuquay Varina, North Carolina, that need to have repairs done to their water pumps and wells, or to have new ones installed on their property. They also serve all other communities within a 40-mile radius of Raleigh.

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Well Drilling in Fuquay-Varina

Various types of water wells are installed, serviced and repaired by A & T, including those for residential drinking and irrigation, commercial and industrial water supply systems, agricultural wells, de-watering wells, cathodic protection ground beds and geothermal loops, both open and closed. The highly trained technicians who work for the company know how to perform every inch of the well installment procedure, from engineering the system to the final testing of the water—drilling, installing the pumps and tanks, putting in the electric panels, treating and maintaining the water, everything. They also perform repairs on pump control switches, pressure and storage tanks, submersible and booster pumps, water filters and floating pond fountains.

Water Pump Installation in Fuquay Varina

The types of water pumps and parts serviced by A & T include booster pumps, control boxes, pipes, lawn irrigation wells, pump drives, storage tank systems, pump motors and savers. In addition, they can fix the electrical parts of water pumps.

What People are Saying about A&T Well and Pump

People all over the area served by A & T choose them above competitors for all their water and well needs, and not without good cause. In one case, a client that had a problem with their well had all kinds of electricians, pump service personnel, and others examine it, but A & T was the only one of them, not only to locate the source of the malfunction immediately but to recommend repairing the least expensive issues before they jumped into anything more elaborate, such as the use of a crane, which would have cost them thousands of dollars. In the end, this client ended up paying little over $500 for the excellent service that they got. There can be no doubt about it—A & T is a business made of people who really know what they are doing.

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A&T Well and Pump is a licensed, bonded and insured company. “Joe Schmo” down the street can’t guarantee quality service, but A&T can.

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