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Well Pump Repair Service & Well Installation in Lillington

With a population exceeding 3,200, Lillington is the county seat of Harnett, and also a component of the Dunn Metropolitan Area, itself a part of the Raleigh-Durham-Cary Combined Statistical Area (CSA). Although Lillington is comparatively small in size, it is joined to a much more significant economic and political structure. People throughout the region require a reliable source of freshwater. A&T Well and Pump is a regional leader in assuring water is generated from local sources, as needed and without fail.

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Among the major services by A&T are:

  • Well Pump Repair – We’ll ensure your pump is working, getting to the source to fix or replace your well pump, no matter how deep under the ground’s surface it is located. A&T offers reliable quotes for these services. Please understand costs increase according to the depth of the pump; these costs include excavation, pipes, wiring, and other electrical components. Free estimates and 24-hour repairs are standard services at A&T.
  • Water Pump Repair – A&T can begin repair on your water pump in Lillington or the surrounding area quickly and efficiently, usually within hours of your original repair-inquiry (if not sooner). We can fix all water pump problems, whether they involve a pressure switch that won’t shut-off/turn-on, insufficient water delivery, pressure switch overheating, or numerous other issues. Our expert and certified technicians will identify and attend to your problems in short-order to effect efficient repair. 24-hour service is available.
  • Well Installation – A&T provides certified water well drilling and pump installation. We’ll tell you honestly if a new well is needed, and how deep the well will have to be. Drilling to standing water level is sufficient if you use your well for irrigation or lawn-watering; reaching the aquifer is necessary for larger-scale water-usage. We’ll provide you the most economical and efficient well-installation, created for your specific water-use requirements.

A&T specializes in all well types, whether municipal or private, home or business. Although drilled, automated wells are the most common, we can provide assistance with hand-dug wells and cistern well-systems. All depths – shallow through deep – are accommodated.

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Don’t accept anything less than stellar service from your water well professionals. The citizens of Lillington know they can trust A&T Well and Pump for tapping a water well and pump installation.

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