Raleigh Geothermal Drilling

As anyone who lives in the Raleigh area knows, the extremes of the summers make it a challenge to heat and cool your home. In the Summers, the heat and humidity can produce heat index temperatures well over 100 degrees Fahrenheit while in the Winters, the temperature plummets into the 20’s and teens.

Because of these temperature changes, maintaining a comfortable climate in your home can be tough. One of the new ways that people are doing this is by installing geothermal heating systems.

How Does a Geothermal Well Work?

The ground temperature deeper than 10 feet below the surface is a steady 55 degrees. This temperature is constant regardless of the atmospheric temperature above ground. Geothermal energy works by housing a series of pipes deep beneath the earth’s surface. These pipes are filled with a mixture of water and anti-freeze which is circulated through them. In the Summer, the cooler ground temperature helps to cool the house and in the Winter, the liquid is heated by the higher temperature deep in the Earth.

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Our team of experts have years of experience drilling Raleigh water wells and geothermal systems. Our experience drilling and installing the pipes for any geothermal system give us the expertise you can trust to provide a cost saving alternative to your current energy system.


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