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Geothermal Well Services in Raleigh

Taking advantage of natural sources is a great way to reduce your heating and cooling bill. This doesn’t mean burning wood to stay warm, but rather using geothermal energy as means of heating and cooling.

Read below to find out how you can save on energy costs for your Raleigh home!

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How Does Geothermal Energy Work?

Using a geothermal source requires a number of components.

First, the furnace system and duct work must be capable of handling the needs for your home or office. If you are building new construction, the process is simplest, but remediation of an existing system will also work.

Second, the layer of earth below the surface can be much more consistent that the surface where air temperature fluctuations cause changes in the soil.

A coil/loop system will be placed in trenches dug throughout the yard, leading to the home, then the trenches will be refilled with soil.

These coils are filled with an anti-freeze solution. Once the coils are attached to the HVAC system, the anti-freeze is pumped through the coils receiving the thermal energy transfer from the soil surrounding the loop/coil system.

A heat pump furnace is the method used  for extracting the thermal energy from the anti-freeze solution. Depending on the season, the air temperature will be cycled into the home as heat or cool air.

Why Use a Geothermal Energy System for HVAC?

Aside from the initial costs of installation, the only costs associated with a geothermal system is the small electrical usage needed to run the HVAC system. Since the heat pump will not need to blow air over electric heat strips, the cost of running the system is less than that of a forced air furnace.

We Provide Repair to Geothermal Systems in Raleigh

If you are experienced issues with your geothermal heating or cooling system, call our Raleigh geothermal technicians at 919-291-4063 today. Our team will test your system and determine the cause of the problem. A&T Well and Pump is available all hours, day or night to fix your Raleigh home’s geothermal system. Don’t wait and freeze in the cold of night, when you could call our emergency service and have your heat up and running!

Heat Your Home with Thermal Energy

A&T Well and Pump are available for trenching, geothermal well drilling and creating your coil/loop system for your home.

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