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Well Pump Repair & Well Drilling Services in Zebulon

Every home and business has a need for water. In areas where community water is not available, it may be necessary to install a private water system or to maintain your current water system. That is what we do at A&T Well and Pump in Zebulon, North Carolina.

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Water is Our Business

Whether you need a well installed, or maintenance of your current water system, we are here to help. We are a small local business, who has installed wells and water systems throughout the Zebulon area, as well as other areas of North Carolina.

Our area of expertise encompasses well installation and repair, well pump repair, water pump repair, irrigation systems, geothermal wells and service and most any other project that has to do with providing safe, clean what to your home or business in Zebulon.

How is Your Water System Performing?

Know the signs of a failing well water pump!

If your current water system is not performing properly, we make an assessment to determine if you require a new water pump, or if a well pump repair will fix the problem that you are having with the flow of water to your home or business.

We will quickly solve your well pump repair or water pump repair issues and have your system up and running and your water flowing freely in short order. We also offer water filtration systems, water fountains, trenching and temporary/permanent well abandonment service, if necessary.

For all of your water needs, A&T Well and Pumps will be there for you.

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A & T Well Pumps has been in business since 2006, and we have provided well installation, water pump repair, and well pump repair over a large area of North Carolina, including Zebulon. We are licensed in North Carolina and have the expertise you require for you water needs.

Whether you need water for your home, your business or your development you can depend on us to get the job done in a professional courteous manner.


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