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Well Pump Repair & Well Water Treatment in Sanford

Not all homes and businesses have access to community water sources. When you find that you need a new well, or repair of your current water system in Sanford, North Carolina, A&T Well and Pump can offer an assessment to help you determine your water system needs.

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A&T Well and Pump’s Vision

Our business is to provide and maintain private water systems for home and business owners. A&T Well Pumps has expertise in the area of new well installation, water pumps repairs and well pump repair, installation of new water and well pumps, as well as maintenance of existing systems.

We can come to you in Sanford, North Carolina and offer expert advice on your water requirements.

Our team can quickly assess your water system and determine whether you need repair or replacement of your equipment or well and will have your water flowing freely in no time.

Placement of new wells and assessment of existing water systems requires the expertise of a professional. We want to ensure that your family has safe, clean water available and have the expertise to provide service to you that covers the many facets of water systems. Our knowledge of these systems enables us to quickly troubleshoot your issue so that you can have clean, safe water flowing to your home or business in a timely manner.

What Services Does A&T Offer?

Our area of expertise includes:

  • Installation and repair of wells
  • Well pump repair
  • Water pump repair
  • Trenching services
  • Irrigation system installation and maintenance
  • Geothermal wells
  • Water fountain installation
  • Temporary or permanent well abandonment services.

If your current water system is not working properly, or if you are having problems with your well pump or water pump A&T Well Pumps assess and repair your issue.

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We have been installing wells and repairing water pumps and well pumps across North Carolina, since 2006. We are licensed in North Carolina to perform these services and have performed well installations, well pump repairs and water pump repairs throughout the Sanford area.

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