A and T Well Pump Water Testing

Well Water Testing: What You Need to Know

It’s important to you and your family to make sure that the water you drink is free of bacteria and contaminants. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has rules that protect public drinking water. Public health authorities and companies that maintain public drinking water are charged with testing and keeping the water safe. However, if you […]

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Tips on Effective Well Sanitization

When you have a well, you need to protect it in order to keep your water safe. Knowing how to effectively perform water well sanitization is imperative in protecting against contamination. Sanitizing or disinfecting your water well should also be done after possible contamination has occurred. A&T Wells and Pumps provides well sanitization services so […]

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The Difference in Deep and Shallow Wells

A&T Well and Pump specializes in the installation, repair, and replacement of well pumps and wells. We know what kind of well you need and the appropriate well pump for your individual situation. Not all wells are the same, and not all well pumps are created equally. In this article, we wanted to compare a […]

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raleigh water well drilling

4 Tips for the Best Place to Dig a Well

If you are moving to a new property and either don’t have access to, or choose against, municipal water, your other option is to dig a well. The first step in this process is finding the proper place to put it to ensure your home has reliable and ready access to fresh, clean water. To […]

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Raleigh water well pump

What is a Well Pump?

Especially if you live in the city, you might not know what a well pump is or what it does for you. Well pumps extract water from a water well in the ground to provide your home with drinking water.

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