raleigh well water safety after flooding

Well Water Safety After a Flood

As Hurricane Matthew tore it’s way through NC, many parts of central and eastern North Carolina endured significant flooding. As a result, many Raleigh area residents may be wondering if their well water is safe to drink.

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raleigh residential water well

The Parts of Your Raleigh Water Well

Previously, we have described the steps taken to dig and create a water well and well pump system for a home or business. Now, we have created resource for anyone interested in learning about the basic components of a well pump system. Take a look to learn more about a Raleigh well pump system!

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underwater video camera raleigh

Do You Need a Video Well Inspection?

Deep well inspections require advanced technology to reach issues that a well inspector can’t physically reach. By using a camera encased in a waterproof housing, an inspection can find a wide range of potential issues.

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well water testing in raleigh

FAQ’s about Private Water Wells

A&T Well and Pump receive questions regularly about well water safety. We understand the concerns of anyone drinking, cooking or bathing in well water and have compiled a list of frequently asked questions and answers. Take a look at this great resource to for any water well questions you may have.

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