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Do I Need to Filter My Well Water?

Some well water is safe to drink without being filtered, but the percentage of wells where that’s the case is dwindling. Before deciding it’s OK to drink straight from a well without a filter, you must get the water tested, and continue to test it regularly. Nothing you can read or do will change how important it is to get your water tested. Even water that appears clear and odorless could still have issues that are harmful to your health that you can not perceive. Your neighbors well could test OK, but yours could have issues. In short, don’t skip this crucial step. And don’t stop testing it regularly either — a once safe well can become contaminated based on factors outside your control. In case you’re still not convinced that you need to test your well water on a regular basis, and most likely have it filtered, here is a short list of reasons why you need to filter your well water: 1) The wellhead and/or well cap can become cracked, which allow in contaminants. This can be an especially bad problem if the earth around the wellhead is sloped towards it. 2) The casing around the well can develop cracks that allow in contaminants. 3) Nearby farming activities that involve pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers can cause runoff that could contaminate your well by seeping in through the cracks. 4) Improper disposal of dangerous chemicals, solvents, petroleum products, de-greasers, and fuels can also cause contamination. 5) An improperly maintained septic system — either yours or your neighbors — can release dangerous bacteria into the water supply. 6) The pipes can become corroded, which can be a really scary problem if they are lead. For more reasons, check out our previous blog entitled “Reasons to Get Your Well Water Tested Immediately.” Without a proper filtration system and regular testing, outside contaminants could make you and your family gravely ill. Don’t hesitate — get your well tested and strongly consider adding a water filtration system.

Need to Get a Your Well Water Tested?

If you live in the greater Raleigh area, consider A&T Well and Pump, a reputable company that specializes in well drilling, maintenance, and well pump repairs. They will test the water, inspect the well, make any necessary repairs, and then disinfect the well before you resume using the water. If you have any of the concerns detailed above, or just want to get some routine testing and maintenance done, contact us today by calling 919-291-4063 or by fill out the contact form below!

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