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Managing Your Well During a Drought or Dry Spell

Owning a private water well is not as drought-proof as some people think. Wells can run dangerously low or dry even if proper precautions are followed. Read our 6 tips so that you can properly manage your water well during drought conditions. 1) Regular Testing A well drilling professional can test your well to see how many gallons per hour it produces and figure out how quickly it replenishes. Cleaning the well can help with the well’s efficiency. 2) Maintain your Well Pump A neglected well pump can become increasingly inefficient which results in storage tanks taking a long time to fill up. If your pumps are well maintained but still don’t provide enough flow, it may be time for a well pump upgrade. 3) Water Storage Even if your pumps and well are brand new, drought conditions result in your water storage not filling up nearly as quickly as it does under ideal conditions. Often homes are not equipped with enough water storage tanks, if any. So if you’re looking to protect yourself against droughts, investing in water storage is key. 4) Connect to the Municipal Water Supply A plan B is always a good idea. If a municipal water supply is available, it’s worthwhile to connect to it in case of emergency. If it’s not available, it’s possible to store water in containers as a plan B or C. 5) Conserve your Water It’s important to be conscious of your water use during droughts. Wells don’t often run dry — they’re usually just low temporarily. Let the grass go dormant without watering it. Take short showers. Don’t let the water run too long when brushing your teeth or washing your hands. 6) Drill Deeper The deeper your well, the less likely it will be susceptible to drought. It’s not a cheap fix, but if you consistently experience low water levels during droughts, it’s well worth the investment.

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If you live in the greater Raleigh area, consider A&T Well and Pump, a reputable company that specializes in well drilling, maintenance, and repairs. They will test the water, inspect the well, make any necessary repairs, and then disinfect the well before you resume using the water. If you have any of the concerns detailed above, or just want to get some routine testing and maintenance done, contact us today by calling 919-291-4063 or by filling out the appointment request form at the top of the page.

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