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Well Abandonment Basics

Water wells that aren’t in use anymore can pose as a danger to people and animals. Even wells that have been covered can be hazardous. It’s the land owner’s responsibility to appropriately take care of abandoned wells or face potential legal liability.

Temporary vs. Permanently Abandoned Raleigh Water Wells

When a well is considered abandoned, it can be temporarily abandoned or permanently abandoned. Temporarily abandoned wells are inactive for a short period of time, but have plans to resume use in the future. They have to be sealed with a watertight cap or other seal that can’t be easily removed by hand. These wells must be kept free from sources of contamination during the temporary abandonment period. When a well becomes contaminated or dried up and won’t be used in the future, the well must be permanently abandoned. Permanently abandoning wells in Wake County requires 24 hour notice and a permit. Wells can only be permanently abandoned by the land owner or a certified Raleigh well contractor.

When to Abandon a Water Well

Every state varies on its well abandonment laws, but when wells haven’t been used for a consecutive period of time, chances are the well needs to be abandoned, even temporarily until it can be properly inspected and repaired. If a well becomes contaminated, the land owner is responsible for permanently abandoning the well or getting the well repaired by a certified well contractor.

Let Us Handle Your Well Abandonment in Raleigh

The professionals at A&T Well and Pump are licensed, bonded, and insured to take care of your water well abandonment safely and properly. We perform both temporary and permanent well abandonment in Raleigh and the surrounding area. Get a free quote online or call 919-291-4063.

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