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Hand Pumps for Your Water Well

Whether you have a shallow well or deep well, a hand pump is coming back in style. Hand pumps are thought to be outdated by some, but they can also benefit you in emergency situations. Hand pumps allow water to be accessible when manual pumps may not work, such as during power outages, flooding, or other weather conditions.

Hand Pumps for Shallow Wells

Shallow wells are usually 25’ deep or less and often use what is called a “Pitcher Pump.” These pumps are used by repeatedly pumping the handle to lift the water from the ground. When deciding which kind of and pump is best for you, consider your amount of water usage, size and depth of your well. Hand pumps are especially useful during times of flooding, winter storms, or power outages when automatic pumps can’t run. Pitcher pumps are usually easy to install, but if they are installed wrong, it can damage your water well. Calling our licensed water well experts can ensure that your hand pump is installed properly.

Deep Well Hand Pumps

For wells deeper than 25’, other forms of hand pumps may be required to pull the water up from the depth. These hand pumps will have a cylinder, a pump head, and rods that drive down deep into the ground. “Piston Pumps” lift water through the riser main. Pistons pumps can usually pump water from unlimited depths, however, the manpower behind the hand pump can determine how deep the water can actually be pumped from. Installation of deep well hand pumps should be done by a licensed water pump repair specialist.

Hand pumps come in many different types and sizes. Picking the wrong type of hand pump can cause more trouble and frustration than necessary. The best type of pump to buy is dependent on your needs. Our water well pump specialists in Raleigh are happy to answer any questions you have and help you determine which hand pump is best for you.

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