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Well Pump Replacement Cost: Your Complete Guide

Owning a private well means making sure every part is in working order, especially the well pump. Your well pump is what pulls water from the ground for use in your home. There will come a time when it needs to be replaced.  But, when is the right time to replace your well pump and what can you expect the well pump replacement cost to be? 

We’re going to take a look at the average lifespan of a water well pump as well as signs that it’s time to replace it so that you don’t run into a problem.

Why Do I Need a Well Pump?

If you want your well water to get into your house, you need a well pump. A well pump is an electromechanical piece of equipment that is installed once a well is drilled or dug. An electric motor drives an impeller of a centrifugal pump. This pushes water from your well through a jet or pipe, and into your home. The most common types of pumps are jet pumps and submersible pumps.The type of pump could affect what the well pump replacement cost might be.

How Does a Well Pump Work?

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When the well pump is working properly, it will push water from your well into a storage tank. The water will stay there until you need it. When the motor is on, it will draw water into the pump which pushes it to the surface into a pressure tank.

As this happens, the tank’s air pressure increases until it reaches a specific preset level. When you turn on a faucet, the force of the air pressure decreasing in the tank pushes water through your plumbing. As the air pressure drops, it turns the pump back on again. The pump then knows it is time to drive more water into the storage tank.

When all of these mechanisms are not working properly, you may experience a host of problems including poor water pressure, dirty water, or low water quality all of which could affect your well pump replacement cost.

Average Lifespan of a Water Well Pump

Well pumps that are installed by professional water well drilling contractors should last several years with proper routine maintenance and inspection. The quality of the installation could have a huge impact on well pump replacement cost at the time of repair.

Well owners who use submersible pumps can usually expect their pump to last 8-10 years. Homes that only have low to moderate water usage can sometimes have a water pump for 15 years.

What Factors Affect the Lifespan of a Water Well Pump?

Several factors can impact the lifespan of a water well pump. Each could adversely affect the well pump replacement cost. These are some things to consider:

Correct Size Well Pump 

If you find your water pump needs to be replaced before 5 years, you may not be using the right size or type of pump that you should be.

Water Quality

When your water has a large amount of sand, it can cause excessive wear and tear, causing you to need to replace it sooner than necessary.

Pump Quality

Quality does matter when you’re talking about a water well pump. You want to make sure that the type of pump installed is of the best quality possible. At A&T Well and Pump you can count on us to use only the best products when we service your home.

How Well the Pump Was Installed

If the wrong type of pump was installed, or the wrong pipe size or pressure rating, you may find yourself in need of a pump replacement sooner than you thought.

Quality of the power

If you have a low electricity supply, you may notice that it reduces the lifespan of a submersible pump. Be sure that your electrical supply is up to par.

Signs Your Well Pump May Need Replacing

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If your well pump is at its lifespan where it may need to be replaced, there are some signs to look for to indicate that it is indeed time for a replacement. These include:

Dirty water

If there is any change in your water’s taste, smell, or color, it is a sign worth paying attention to. This could indicate that the water is not pumping through as it should.

Loud or unusual noises coming from your water pump

Normally functioning pumps don’t make strange noises. If you notice your pump making strange noises, that’s a red flag to get it checked out.

Abnormally high electricity bills

If your pump is working harder than it should because it’s malfunctioning, that’s going to crank up your electricity bills, and no one wants that! When you have a new pump, it will work efficiently to get the job done.

Decreasing water pressure

When you notice your water pressure decreasing, it could indicate you have a pump problem. Also, your pump may be clogged with iron bacteria if your water is high in iron. There is a special cleaning that can be done to prevent this problem from happening to you.

While these issues don’t necessarily mean that you need to get a new well water pump, they are good indications that something is not right. You’ll want to get a licensed well pump contractor from A&T Well and Pump to come out and look at your pump and inspect your well to diagnose the problem and give you an estimate on the well pump replacement cost.

What is the Average Well Pump Replacement Cost?

A new well pump can cost anywhere from $1000-$2000 based on the type of installation.

Are You Looking for Well Pump Replacement?

While trying to replace your water pump yourself might seem like a good idea, it can be costly and damage your well if done wrong. A & T Well and Pump offers free estimates for well pump replacement cost and service. Call the well pump professionals at A & T Well and Pump at 919-291-4063 or fill out the contact form below. Our water well contractors serve Raleigh, Cary, Durham, Garner, Wake Forest, and the surrounding area

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