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The Parts of Your Raleigh Water Well

In the past, we have looked how our Raleigh Well and pump experts drill well pumps and can service existing water pumps supplying your family with a clean, renewable water supply. Today, we will be looking at the separate components of your Raleigh water well and how they all work together.

Down in the Raleigh Water Well

Beginning at the bottom of your Raleigh well is the pump. The pump sits at the bottom of the well and draws water from within the well. By properly servicing and regular maintenance, a typical well pump can last 8-10 years before it needs to be replaced .

On top of the well pump is the check valve. This is a safety tool located at the top of the well pump that prevents back-flow, as well as any other irregular functions that could cause damage to the pump. All of these are enclosed in the well casing. This is generally a large metal pipe which serves as the walls of the water well.

Moving up the Water Well Casing

Within the casing are the water line and electrical line. The water line carries water from the well pump, up the well casing and to the pressure tank which is generally inside the house that the well services.

The electrical line runs from the control panel down to the pump. The control panel is typically located inside the house. Power stations for any well pump system can be thought of as the brains of the operation. The power station controls when the well pump operates and remains idle depending on how much water remains in the pressure tank.

Avoiding the Cold

One important point to mention about any Raleigh well system is that the waterline carrying water up from the pump to the pressure tank must be located underground and under the frost line. The frost line is the depth beneath the Earth’s surface at which point, frozen temperatures in the atmosphere have no effect on the ground temperature.

In North Carolina, this is generally 6-18 inches below the ground level. In areas where frost is not a problem, the waterline may run above ground to travel from the casing to the pressure pump.

Inside of Your Raleigh Home

There are some key pieces to the well pump system that will be located inside of the house that the water well services. One piece of equipment that we have previously mentioned is the pressure tank. This holds water that has been previously pumped up from the well until it is needed for use. This prevents the water pump from having to pump at the same rate which the homeowner or resident uses water.

Another previously mentioned piece of equipment that is located within the house is the control panel, also known as the power board. As mentioned above, this is the main power supply for the well and controls all of the valves, pumps, and other electrical equipment.

Optional Well Equipment

Though they are not necessary, many households have extra equipment added to their well pump systems. One of the most common add-ons to a Raleigh well pump system is the water filter. A filter allows residents to drink the water that comes out of their well without having to worry about sediment or excessive particles and matter in their water.

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