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Do You Need a Well Video Inspection?

Do you really need a well video inspection? Take a moment and imagine a scenario where you are standing in your kitchen preparing dinner. You turn on your faucet and the water that comes out is cloudy and yellow in color.

Obviously, you don't want to cook your food and then serve your family with this dirty water, so you attempt to clear the pipes by letting the faucet run. After running the water for a minute or two, the cloudy water hasn't cleared and you realize you have a well water issue.

You begin to call a Raleigh water well repair & service technician to explain your problem. The tech says that they can conduct an inspection to find the problem. You agree to an appointment, schedule the consultation and then call for Chinese takeout because, let’s face it you aren’t cooking with that dirty water.

While you are waiting for your takeout, you start to think… “just how will the inspector find a problem in a well 6-10 inches wide and over a 100 feet deep?” The answer is simple: by conducting a video inspection.

What is a Well Video Inspection?

A well video inspection is a process of attaching a state-of-the-art waterproof camera system to an extending pole. This allows the inspector to view areas that physically can’t be viewed by human eyes.

A video inspection can even be viewed thousands of feet below the earth’s surface, underwater, and even through oil and loose debris.

How Does the Water Well Video Inspection Work?

By attaching a camera to a cable, and slowly lowering the camera into the well, the inspection team can get an accurate, real-time, up-close view of the well shaft and its contents. The camera has a light mechanism that illuminates the area helping to create a clear image and video of the surrounding area.

What are the Benefits of a Well Video Inspection?

There are numerous benefits to using a video recording device to inspect a water well.

Some of the benefits include:

  • Determine well casing integrity
  • Find any obstructions or well casing damage
  • Locate and analyze groundwater intervals
  • Observation of contamination like:
    • surface water deposits
    • toxicity
    • non-aqueous liquids
  • Review wells that lack construction records
  • Determine the possibility of a dry well

Are You Experiencing Poor Well Water Quality?

Your water quality is important to you and your family’s health. That’s why the professionals of A&T Well and Pump are available for 24/7 Raleigh NC water well inspection and repair.

If you experience a dry well, poor water quality or your well is damaged, be sure to call 919-291-4063 or complete the online contact form to receive a video well inspection from professionals who care.

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