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The Essentials of Water Well Installation

Depending on the size of the hole, the depth, and the type of well pump system needed, tapping into a water aquifer can cause a variety of issues. Sometimes even an experienced well pump contractor can run into difficulty. Here are a few cornerstones any professional well pump contractor prepares for prior to beginning a new project.

Drilling to the Aquifer

Drilling a well is not an easy task. A large truck with a drilling mechanism is required to excavate the dirt and rocks, while preventing contamination of the subsurface water. Make sure you have a professional, licensed, bonded and insured company to handle the process. By contacting a licensed contractor, you can be sure they will comply with all government laws.

Pump Installation

Once the well has been tapped, a barrier called a “casing” will be placed down the drilled hole to prevent the well wall from collapsing. A filter screen will be placed in the aquifer to prevent sand and other elements from clogging and being pulled into the water being sent to the home. There are numerous pumps to choose from, so make sure you consult with your contractor to make sure you have the right pump for the job. A submerged pump is often the pump of choice.


Once the well and pump has been set in place, a trench will be dug with a pipeline built to funnel water to the home.

Installation of Pressure Switch and Water Tank

Most pump systems do not constantly run. The pump switch determines when the pump turns on and funnels water to the home. This helps extend the life of the pump system. By setting specific water pressure to the pump switch, your system will automatically turn on and pull water to the storage tank. The water will hold in the tank until you turn on the water faucets within the home. Make sure you get a storage tank that fits your needs, because getting a water tank that is too small will cause your pump system to run more often, resulting in strain to the pump system. Even an oversized tank can cause your pump to run for an extended time to fill the tank.

Make Sure You Contact Raleigh's Professional Well Pump Installer

By working with a professional well pump installer, you can be sure to avoid many of the problems that can spring up. A&T Well and Pump can help you determine you needs and properly match up your pump system helping you save money and headaches! Call (919) 291-4063 today or complete our contact form to receive a free consultation on your well pump project.

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