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What to Expect When You Schedule a Home Well Inspection

If you rely on a well for your water supply, you want to make sure it is always as clean as possible. Having your well inspected regularly can assure that this is the case. 

A well inspector can visit your home and determine the health of your well and how clean your water is. If you’ve never had this done before, we’re going to walk you through the process so that you can be better prepared. We’ll also let you know how A&T Well and Pump can help if you need of a well inspection.

Why Do I Need a Well Inspection?

Unlike city water, which is treated before it reaches homes, well water comes from the ground and does not go through that process. This is why the water supply and the well need to be inspected. While a well can last anywhere from 30-50 years, it does need maintenance and regular inspections. This will keep it running properly and the water safe for use.

How Frequently Do I Need a Well Inspection?

Plan to inspect your well at least once a year or before you sell your home. It’s typically advised to do an inspection in the winter months so the water is not frozen. 

While an annual schedule is one you should keep, you may need to call a well inspector sooner if you notice your water tasting funny, looking cloudy, or if you have a loss of water pressure. Also, if you test your water and you notice it has bacteria, call for a well inspector immediately. These are things that should not be ignored because they usually signal contaminated water and problems with your well that should be addressed sooner rather than later.

Well Inspection When Buying a Home

If you’re thinking about buying a home with a well, you’ll want to have it inspected before the final sale. In many states, a well inspection is required. North Carolina state law does not require a well inspection before buying a home, but it is a standard prerequisite when applying for a traditional home loan.

When a well inspection is done, it is usually the buyer’s responsibility and is often recommended. Getting a well inspection done before buying a home can save you time and money. If the inspection reveals that the well needs extensive repair or that the water is unsafe, you may not want to buy the home anymore. If minor well repairs are needed, you may be able to renegotiate with the seller. Either way, calling for a well inspector is always a good idea.

What Happens During a Well Inspection?

Well Inspection Process

A well inspection is a thorough evaluation of the entire well system. This is the typical process that you can expect:

  • The well inspector will begin by checking the submersible pump and the water recharging into the well.
  • Examination of all parts of the pressure tank to make sure water pressure is optimal
  • Inspection of the system from mechanical defects. This can include rusting tanking, leaks, or malfunctioning gauges. Any of these issues can lead to low water pressure and contaminated water.
  • The inspector will also look at any electrical wiring that exists as well as the control box, capacitors, and pressure tank.

A well inspector will measure the volume of the well water that is pumped as well as the rate that the submersible pump works. They will test the pump’s performance over a length of time to see if all components are working as they should. When there is an electrical water pump, it will also be tested for consistency. 

Water Tests

well water testing

There will also be tests for the presence of water contaminants such as nitrates and coliform bacteria. If you have any concerns, it’s important to speak to your well inspector so that they can address them. When contaminants are found, it’s important not to use the water until it is retested and deemed safe.

Well Cover Inspection

While your well inspector will look at the inside of your well, the well cover will also be examined. The well cover protects against chemicals seeping into the tapped water well. As the well ages, the cover can wear out, allowing for contaminants to get in. With an annual well inspection, you can begin to tell when the cover has reached its peak so that you can replace it before trouble sets in.

Examining the Well’s History and Age

During a well inspection, the well’s history and age will be taken into account. The well inspector will look at the well’s placement and construction and determine if any further testing needs to be done. Your well inspector should be familiar with any local regulations to make sure that your well is up to code and compliant. 

How Long Does a Well-Inspection Take?

Generally, a well inspection takes anywhere from 2-3 hours. If a water test is done, it may take a few days to get the results back.

How Much Does a Well-Inspection Cost?

The cost of a well inspection will vary. It will depend on the types of water tests that are necessary and what happens during the inspection. You’ll find that our well inspections at A&T Well and Pump are affordable.

Do You Need a Well-Inspection? Call A&T Pump Well and Pump

A&T Well and Pump can send a well inspector to your home to check the health of your well. Whether it’s for an annual inspection or before buying a home, we’ve got you covered.

We use a specialized state-of-the-art video camera that allows us to see your well deep below the surface. This allows us to see any problems that may be brewing.

For more information on well inspections and other services,  A&T Well and Pump provides, call us today at  (919) 291-4063 or reach out to us online for more information. We proudly serve Raleigh and surrounding communities.

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