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Can a Water Well Affect the Property Value of Your Raleigh Home?

There are so many factors that can affect the property value of your home - the school system, interior design choices, or proximity to train tracks can all take thousands off the value of your home. But what about having a Raleigh water well over municipal water? Does relying on well water bring down your home's value?

A Raleigh Water Well Doesn't Damage Property Values

Contrary to what you may think, a well doesn't hurt your property value at all. This is not only great news for you, but for the 15 million houses in America who have a well on their property! Most people looking to purchase a home in a rural area know that they will most likely have to buy a house without municipal water. Assuming the well is properly maintained and the water tests well, you shouldn't have any issues with selling your home due to having a water well.

Using Your Well as a Selling Point

If you are ready to put your home on the market, your Raleigh water well could be a benefit. Like so many other aspects of real estate, it's all in how you market your house and who you're trying to appeal to. Consider the benefits of using well water in your home.


While we've all heard about the water crisis happening in Flint, Michigan in which corroded pipes caused lead to taint the water, they are not the only city struggling with an unsafe water supply. Well water, on the other hand, is completely separate from municipal water, so if there's a boil water advisory or a temporary shut-off, your water is not affected.

Free of Chemicals and Contaminants

Your water is filtered through an aquifer, a permeable rock base that infuses minerals while removing contaminants. Instead of the chemicals and contaminants found in municipal water, it's rare to find those in a well.

Lower Utilities

Having a well instead of city water means you don't receive a city water bill, which is one less utility bill to pay each month. While it's important to factor well maintenance and service into your budget, in most situations, having a well is a cost-saving bonus. Thinking of just these three benefits - safer, environmentally friendly, and cost-effective, you can easily consider your Raleigh water well as a selling point when you market your home!

What to Consider Before Listing Your Home

Before you list your home, make sure your well is in excellent working order. While having a well isn't itself a negative, like anything else in your home, if it's not working, it does take away from the value. Having your well pump checked by a certified professional and having your water tested gives you proof that your water is safe, healthy, and plentiful for the next buyer. If your well water is hard or high in certain minerals, you may consider adding a water softener or filtration system. High mineral content isn't unsafe, but some minerals, such as iron, can cause stains or odors which may turn off buyers.

Buying a Home with a Raleigh Water Well

If you're buying a rural home with a well instead of municipal water, you have nothing to worry about! However, just like we mentioned above, inspections are important to ensure the health and safety of your water. When you put in an offer on a home, you can include that the owner have the water tested and the well evaluated with the sale of the home contingent on the reports. Most homeowners should have no problem with this, and many will already have recent reports available.

Contact A & T Well Pumps for Raleigh Well Maintenance and Testing

Whether you're ready to put your home on the market or you just purchased a home with a well, reach out to A & T Well Pumps for your evaluation and maintenance needs! Our services ensure your well will keep operating smoothly, and we can see any concerns well in advance of them becoming a concern. Call us today at 919-291-4063 or fill out the appointment request form at the top of the page!

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