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8 Well Maintenance Tips to Increase the Lifespan of your Well

Replacing a well can be costly, not to mention a huge project that can turn into a real inconvenience. This is why you want to do everything you can to increase its lifespan with well main maintenance.

Maintaining your well doesn’t have to be time-consuming or break the bank. There are several simple things you can do to keep up with your well so that you don’t have to replace it sooner than you should. 

We’re going to share some well maintenance tips with you as well as tell you how A&T Well and Pump can help when you need repair, replacement, or maintenance services.

Well Maintenance Tips #1: Install a Float Switch

If you’re experiencing low water levels, you could be in store for some big problems for your well pump. If the pump continues to run without any water, the motor could burn out quickly. This could lead to costly repairs or needing a brand-new pump. You can prevent both of these situations by installing a float switch that detects low water levels and automatically shuts down the pump so it's not working overtime.

Well Maintenance Tips #2: Be Proactive and Look for Well Problems

Many problems can be found well before they become larger ones. If you’re proactive and know what to look for in your well system, you can help to increase its lifespan. Here are a few issues to keep an eye out for:

  • Muddy/cloudy water
  • Larger than normal utility bill
  • Water sputtering from faucets
  • Bad smelling water
  • Metallic or odd-tasting water

If you notice any of these issues, you’ll want to call a well specialist at A&T Well and Pump. A technician can inspect your well system and help to pinpoint and repair the problem.

Well Maintenance Tips #3: Don’t Try to Service Your Own Well

Some projects fall under the DIY category, but servicing your own well is not one of them. When homeowners try to service their own well, they typically make things worse and don’t solve the problem. Instead, when you notice or suspect an issue, call a professional first. This way, you can be sure that the problem will be taken care of properly.

Well Maintenance Tips #4: Make Repairs Early

If you notice an issue, you’ll want to have a professional repair it early. When it comes to well maintenance, ignoring a problem or putting it off only means it’s going to get worse and more expensive. A failing pump or other issues can impact your water quality and make it unhealthy for you and your family. By being proactive and making repairs early, you can keep everyone protected and help to preserve your well system.

Well Maintenance Tips #5: Look for Drips

well maintenance tips

Water dripping from either the pump or other parts of your system can signal a problem. You may just need to tighten up some parts, or you may actually have to replace them. Regardless of the case, call a professional when you notice any drips so they can get to the root of the problem and fix it quickly.

Well Maintenance Tips #6: Keep the Area Around Your Well Clear

Keeping the area around your well clear protects it. You want to be aware of your well when working or mowing around it. A damaged casing could put the sanitary protection of your well at risk. You also don’t want to pile snow, leaves, or other materials around your well. When landscaping, keep the top of your well at least one foot above ground. Be sure to slope the ground away from your well to assist in proper drainage.

Well Maintenance Tips #7: Don’t Ignore Yearly Maintenance

Many people often question whether they need a yearly inspection of their well system. The best way to expand the life of your well system is to have a professional check it once a year. This annual maintenance visit by a well inspector will ensure that everything is working as it should. It will also detect any problems before they become larger ones.

Yearly maintenance checks by a well inspector will take care of such things as:

  • Water tests
  • Well cover inspection
  • Examining the well's history and age

You can count on A&T Well and Pump to complete your yearly maintenance checks to assure everything is running smoothly. If we detect a problem, we'll let you know and repair it as soon as possible so that you can have your well working properly once again.

Well Maintenance Tips #8: Know Who You’re Dealing With

When you hire anyone to work on your well, know who you’re dealing with. Always use licensed or certified technicians anytime your well is serviced, installed, or repaired. This will give you peace of mind that a qualified professional is working to get the job done.

FAQ About Well Maintenance

How often should I clean my well?

When it comes to well maintenance and cleaning, you’ll want to have it cleaned at least once a year. If you notice a particular problem, you’ll want to have it cleaned more frequently.

Why do I have low water pressure?

There can be several reasons why you have low water pressure. Many can be addressed with an easy adjustment by a professional, while others require more work. By calling a professional, they can determine the cause and correct the issue.

How often should my well water be tested?

Typically, once a year is ideal for regular well water testing. But, if there have been problems documented in your area, you’ll want to have it tested more frequently. Also, if water quality has changed for no apparent reason, you’ll want to have it tested.

Trust A&T Well and Pump for Well Maintenance

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