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Benefits of Water Well Drilling

Approximately 15 percent of Americans (or, around 45 million people), rely on private wells for their water. While they were once only dug for homes far out in rural areas where municipal services didn't reach, today, more homeowners in populated areas are considering having their own private well. If you're building a home or you're simply looking for alternative ways to become self-sustaining, we are breaking down the benefits of well drilling in Raleigh.

Water well drilling Raleigh

Private Wells Aren't Dependent On a Municipal Source

City water can be unreliable, especially as infrastructure ages and deteriorates. When a water main breaks, it can take days to get it fixed, leaving you and your family relying on bottled water for drinking and cooking and having to go without showering and laundry. Also, contamination is often a problem with municipal water as a pipe can break, there can be a failure at a water treatment plant, or a chemical spill can contaminate the water requiring lengthy boil water advisories (and that's assuming the problem is discovered and shared with the public!).

By having your own well drilled, you have a continuous, steady source of fresh water that's readily available and reliable.

Well Water Often Tastes Better

Have you ever gone to drink tap water and notice it smells or tastes faintly of chlorine or even just a "chemical" taste? In order to make it safer to drink, tap water is treated with salts and chemicals to remove bacteria and impurities, but in doing so, this affects the taste and odor. Well water is pulled from deep within the ground water where it has been naturally filtered through layers of rock and mineral deposits. This gives it a cleaner, more pure taste.

Municipal Water Requires Monthly Costs

When you're connected to a city water, you're paying every month for water and sewer services, plus any taxes and fees. Most households in North Carolina pay well over $100 a month for water service, and over time that adds up to a lot of money.

While well digging is an investment, once it's in place, the only costs involved are annual testing for impurities and contamination and occasional maintenance. The average well pump will last around 10 years so large costs tend to be rare and far between.

Well Water Is Healthier

Municipal water is drawn from surface water replenished by rain and run-off that is then treated with chemicals and additives. Well water is naturally filtered through layers of rocks and rests in underground aquifers where it is infused with minerals, such as calcium and magnesium. These minerals are essential to the body, and by getting them through our ground water, we're getting an extra boost that isn't found in tap water, generally. Children can especially benefit from the extra minerals in ground water.

Well Digging Is Eco-Friendly

As we mentioned, ground water is naturally filtered through layers of rock and is stored in underground aquifers. There are no chemicals needed to treat or clean the water, and the only energy required is a well pump to pull water up and into your home. Well water is sustainable, even in the worst droughts, ground water is rarely exhausted and is continually refreshed.

Municipal water is much harder on the environment. Chemicals used to treat the water end up back in the earth. Massive amounts of power and energy are needed to work with the amounts of water necessary to meet the needs of most homeowners. Plus, surface water is not as sustainable and is more easily affected by the short-term weather changes like seasonal droughts.

Water Wells Can Improve Property Value

Often, digging a well can improve your property value. Homeowners are becoming more aware of the benefits of having a private well, especially if it's already in place, saving them the investment of having to dig it themselves. The sustainability and eco-friendly aspects, paired with cost-saving functionality makes this feature attractive to many prospective buyers.

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