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5 Signs You Need a New Well Pump

Your well pump is an essential component to ensuring your home has a steady source of fresh, clean water. With proper well maintenance, your well pump can last, on average of 8 to 15 years, though many homeowners report their pumps lasting far longer, often between 20 and 30 years!

However, owning a home with a well means that you'll likely have to replace your well pump at some point, but how will you know when it's time? To help you, we're sharing the 5 signs you need a new well pump, and what those signs could mean instead!

You Have No Water at All

If there is no water at all when you turn on a faucet or flush a toilet, that is a definite sign there is something wrong. Troubleshoot the issues below, and if those aren't the problem, you may need to have your well pump repaired or replaced.

What it could be: 

  • Check your circuit breaker to make sure the well is getting power. First, turn the pump off, reset the breaker, then turn the pump back on.
  • The pressure tank, the tank that stores water pulled from the well, has shut off and needs to be reset.
  • A plumbing failure, such as a pipe breaking, will lead to a flooded section in your yard and your pump running non-stop.
  • A drought is causing your well to run dry, though this is not likely unless there has been a severe drought in the area.

A Decrease in Water Pressure

When you turn on your water, if there is a noticeable decrease in your typical water pressure, that is a sign that your pump is not able to draw as much water up because it's beginning to fail. It could also mean your well pump is too small, perhaps caused by adding a new bathroom, installing a dishwasher, or adding a larger water heater.

What it could be: 

  • A hole in the pressure tank or the mechanisms are going out in it.
  • Iron bacteria buildup in the pipes could be slowing down water pressure. This is common if your water is high in iron. Check to see if the problem is affecting all faucets - if not, it may be a localized problem.

Air Is "Spitting" from the Faucet

If you turn on the faucet and it seems like there are air bubbles coming through the pipes and the water is not consistently flowing, the pump may be unable to pull water up and is pulling in air. Like a decrease in water pressure, this is a sign that the pump is not functioning efficiently and may be about to fail altogether.

What it could be: 

  • A crack in the pipe that connects the pump to your home may have formed, and a plumber or well pump repair specialist can fix it.
  • The water table has dropped below the pump, or your well is running dry. This may mean the well needs to be dug deeper if this is a consistent issue.

Your Well Water is Dirty

A metallic smell or taste, or an egg smell coming from your water is generally a sign of harmless minerals in your well. However, if the water is actually coming out with dirt, sand, or sediment, it's absolutely essential to get it fixed immediately. Most likely, this is an issue directly related to the pump itself.

The pump may be too large for your well, and it's pulling silt and dirt up from the bottom, and it needs to be replaced. A repair may be necessary instead, if it's placed too far down in the well and needs to be relocated, or the pump's filter screen has gotten torn or damaged somehow. This is a fixable problem by a well pump repair specialist.

No matter what the issue might be, from harmless minerals to a broken well pump, don't drink cloudy, muddy, or dirty water until the problem is solved and you have well water testing performed.

What it could be: 

  • Broken water pipes can let dirt and sediment into your water system.
  • If you have high mineral content in your well, mineral deposits can break down and lead to sediment in your water. Having a well water filtration system will help keep your water fresh and clean.
  • If it's only the hot water, the issue may be coming from the water heater.
  • A recent heavy rain washed surface water into your well, causing contamination.
  • A leak in a neighbor's septic system could have caused it to enter the ground water and contaminate your well.

Your Well Pump Runs Constantly

If your well pump is running continuously, it is probably a sign that it needs to be replaced or, at the very least, repaired. If you have an above-ground jet pump system, the intake pipe needs to be primed, usually caused by a leak in the suction line. This means it needs to have water in the jet system in order to generate the suction needed to pull water up and into the water line.  Otherwise, the pressure control switch is faulty, the pipe has a leak, or the pump may be wearing out and is unable to generate enough water pressure to trigger the cut-off.

What it could be: 

  • A drop in the water table means your well is having to work harder to keep water flowing into your home.
  • You have a leak in a plumbing fixture, such as your toilet is running non-stop or your faucet has a serious leak.

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