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Do I Need to Chlorinate My Well

If you rely on well water, it's your responsibility as a Raleigh homeowner to maintain your well and the quality of your water. Because the water from your well isn't treated or cleaned like municipal water, it's important that you stay on top of its cleanliness and in order to prevent illness in your family. While regular well water testing gives you an exact report, some well owners choose to have well chlorination performed regularly in order to disinfect it and guarantee a healthy water well system.

What Is Well Chlorination?

Chlorinating a well, also called shock chlorination, is a process professionals use to sanitize and disinfect the well and kill dangerous bacteria and organisms. The process itself involves adding chlorine, often a bleach solution or bleach pellets, to the water well, letting it treat for 24 hours, then flushing out the system. Well chlorination requires an experienced, licensed professional who understands how to calculate the specific ratio of bleach needed to effectively remove bacteria and knows the appropriate precautions to take to provide homeowners with the right instructions when flushing out the system.

When Is Well Chlorination in Raleigh Necessary?

Well chlorination removes coliform bacteria, a disease-causing bacteria often found in surface water which can be introduced into well water after heavy rain, flooding, or from runoff due to nearby construction or agriculture. It also removes iron and sulfate-reducing bacteria that, while often not dangerous, can affect the color, odor, and taste of your well water and can cause damage to your well pump over time. Your Raleigh well water should be treated when any of these situations arise:
  • You experience any changes in how your water tastes or smells.
  • Your water appears cloudy, muddy, or yellow-ish, especially after a heavy rain.
  • You've experienced flooding or extreme rainfall.
  • Water testing shows coliform bacteria in the supply.
  • You've had well repairs and plumbing work completed.
It's also recommended to have your well disinfected annually as part of your regular maintenance.

Signs You Need to Have Your Well Disinfected

Even if you've not had any flooding or your water appears clear, there are additional signs that iron bacteria and sulfur-reducing bacteria are present in your water. These include:

Slimy residue

When there's excess iron bacteria in your water, it causes a slimy buildup where water sits. The best way to see if you're experiencing this is to look inside your toilet tank and see if there is a slimy residue.

Stained laundry

If your laundry, especially your whites, comes out with an orange look, this may be a sign of excess iron bacteria, especially if you know your pipes aren't rusty.

Loss of water pressure

Excess iron bacteria can build up along the side of your pipes causing clogs or slowed water pressure.

Rotten egg odor

If you smell an egg-like odor, it's a sign of sulfate-reducing bacteria that can be removed through well disinfection.

Preparing for Well Chlorination

As a homeowner, it's important to know that well chlorination is not a fast process, and you won't be able to use your water for at least 24 to 48 hours after it's done. This includes not using your water for bathing or to wash clothing or dishes. You'll want to ensure you have a few days worth of clean clothes and plenty of bottled water for drinking, cooking, and washing up while your system is thoroughly cleaned and flushed.

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