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How Deep Should a Water Well be Drilled?

If you are getting ready to have a water well drilled, you may have questions about the depth of the well. What depth is required to get a well that functions correctly, providing the quantity and quality of water you need? Well drilling needs to be done by professional experts who have experience because the answer to this question is “it depends.” The water well contractor cannot tell you exactly how deep to go to get water or even predict the exact quality of the water that will be tapped. However, a skilled contractor can make reasonable judgments based on previous experience. So, you get more accurate predictions from a well-drilling company the more experience they have.

A well drilling company like A&T Well and Pump uses expertise, experience, and education to accurately determine how deep your well should be. Because the depth of the well can affect the price, it’s important to find a company with the skills to give you an accurate estimate before drilling begins. A&T Well and Pump has the experience you need from which to accurately predict the depth to drill your well. In this article, we explain several factors that contribute to how deep your water well should be drilled.

Typical Depth of a Water Well

The typical depth of a residential well ranges from 100 feet to 800 feet deep. Some wells are even 1,000 feet or deeper. The deeper a well is, the better the water quality. The average well depth in your location depends on several factors: 

  • Geology
  • Water Quality and Quantity
  • Water Table
  • Risk of Contaminants
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Construction of a Basic Well

A typical household well is about six inches in diameter and uses a six-inch casing or liner, which extends about 12 inches above the surface. Then, a casing pipe is installed down the shaft to the bottom of the well to keep out surface water, sand, and other contaminants. 

Well construction usually takes about two days to complete. The first day is spent drilling and the second day is the casing pipe and submersible pump installation.

The Geology of Your Property

The quality and quantity of water from your well depends upon the geology and hydrology of the land in which it lies. Well water comes from underground aquifers that exist throughout the ground at different depths. An aquifer is a pocket of water within the bedrock. A well drilling contractor uses science and educated presumption in determining how deep to drill in order to gain access to a sufficient supply of water in the aquifers.

The location of your well is crucial in providing high quality and sufficient quantity of water. It’s best to work with a well drilling contractor like A&T who knows the hydrology and geology of your area. They will know the best place to dig and also how to size the system correctly. A local contractor will also know the codes and regulations for your location.

Water Quantity and Quality

Generally, the quality of your well water improves the deeper the drilling goes because minerals become richer. Over the course of the year, the water table rises and falls depending on the amount of rain and how the groundwater supply is being used. Therefore, the depth of the well needs to be such that it accommodates the times of the year when the water table is at its lowest level. An experienced and knowledgeable contractor will know about the water levels and climate conditions in your area. 

Yields can be increased, if needed, by fracturing the bedrock surrounding the well shaft. This process is known as hydrofracking. By pumping large quantities of water deep underground using high pressure, additional fissures in the bedrock are exposed providing access to additional clean water.

Risk of Contaminants

Wells are equipped with components that filter out debris and prevent bacterial contamination so you have healthy, clean water for you and your family. However, wells can still get contaminated. The deeper your well is, the lower the risk of contamination. Any bacteria that get into the well have a longer way to travel into your home and are more likely to die or get trapped along the way.

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