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How Do I Know I Need a New Well?

If you currently have a well, you may be interested in knowing when you might need a new one. There are signs you can look for that indicate the possible need to replace your existing well. A well’s lifespan is not infinite. Over time, the amount of water the well yields may decline due to sediment or mineral scale build-up, parts can break, and wells can even dry up. However, depending on different factors, your well can last 20 to 30 years or even longer.

At A&T Well and Pump, we are experts in the well business. We can help you assess if you need a new well or need a repair. In this article, we want to shed light on the symptoms that indicate your well or the well pump is needing a replacement or repair. When you experience any of these symptoms, it is best to call a well-contracting service like A&T.

Signs You Need to Replace Your Well

Here are three (3)  signs that you may need to replace your well. These can also be signs that you need to repair or replace your well pump. Only a well-contracting service like A&T can determine which your well needs for certain.

Low Water Pressure

One indication that you possibly need a new well is low or no water pressure. The problem of low indoor water pressure could be caused by failing pump equipment or low water reserves in the area where your well is drilled. Sometimes, wells can also develop a buildup of debris that clogs the incoming water, which can be resolved with a deep cleaning.

High Electric Bill

If your well’s pump is having to work harder to yield fresh water, the more energy the system uses. When you notice a spike in your home’s energy costs, this may indicate a problem with the well or well pump. Having a new well drilled gives you easy access to fresh water and the electricity bill will return to normal.

Cloudy Water

One sign of a faulty well is cloudy water. Sediment buildup inside water wells can cause problems with water quality. The taste of the water, the color of the water, and the safety of the water are all affected by sediment and debris collecting in the well. These can be signs that your water well may be drying up. If you notice the spigots sputtering, extra bubbles, or dissolved sediment in your water, call a qualified well professional for a proper diagnosis.

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Signs You Need a New Well Pump

The well water pump system’s goal is to maintain a constant supply of pressurized water in the house and piping system. Many signs that you need a new well are also indicators that you need to repair or replace your well’s pump. Here are six signs to be on the lookout for.

Well is Pumping Air

When you turn on the faucet and water sputters with shots of air, it can indicate that you have pressure but not enough water. This can be coming from the placement of the water well pump or a part that needs to be repaired.

Well is Pumping Sand or Sediment

When the water coming out of the faucets is dirty, your well pump may be malfunctioning. It can also indicate that the pump’s filter is damaged or that the pump is installed in the wrong location. 

Low or No Water Pressure

When the water comes out in a dribble, it can mean that your well pump is struggling to perform. It can also indicate that the pump is too small for the size of your well or that there is a crack in the pipes or pressure tank. If there is power getting to the pump, it can mean that the pump is inoperable. 

Pressure Switch and Pump Cycles On and Off Continuously

If the well pump is running constantly, call a well contractor immediately. A well pump that never shuts off could be a sign of a leak somewhere or that the pump isn’t able to pull water from the well. This can cause severe wear and tear on the pump if it is not corrected quickly.

Well Pump is Making Noise

A well pump should be fairly quiet, so if you are hearing noises like whining or gurgling, call a pump specialist.

Water Smells Like Eggs

If you notice a sulfur smell like eggs coming from your faucets, you may have an issue with the pump. Most likely, the smell is from sediment that is getting pulled up from the well. This may indicate that the pump is too big or that it is sitting too low in the well.

Contact A&T Well and Pump When You See These Signs

If you see any of the signs in this article, contact A&T Well and Pump. We can assess the problem and take care of it quickly. You don’t want to mess around when you have a problem either with your well or your well pump. Contact us to get an appointment by calling 919-291-4063 or completing the form below.

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