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Maintaining Your Water Well

If you’re a well owner, you know the importance of keeping it clean and clear of contaminants. Performing regular maintenance on your well can save you big bucks in the long run. Preventative maintenance is essential for keeping your well clean and working properly.

How Often Should I Service My Well?

Water wells should be checked every year by a professional water well technician. A licensed well contractor will examine the well for mechanical issues, contamination, and overall functionality of the well. Well water should be tested 2-3 times per year, or whenever you notice a change in water color, odor, or taste. Natural disasters such as floods, storms, and freezes can affect your well and water supply. Flooding can cause your well water to become contaminated. Pesticides, fertilizers, oils, and paints can also cause contamination to your well. Keep these chemicals as far away from your well as possible. If natural disasters occur or chemicals happen to get close to your well, call a licensed well contractor to inspect your well. Be safe, not sorry.

Water Filtration

Routine inspections are the best way for preventing water contamination. However, if your well does become contaminated, call a licensed water filtration professional immediately before using any water. Contaminated water is very dangerous and can cause illness, disease, and other health issues. Well owners are responsible for the cleanliness and maintenance of their own private water well. Water well maintenance is also important to make sure you have the appropriate amount of water flow. If your well wasn’t drilled by a professional, it could have been drilled in a spot where ground water is limited. Routine well maintenance can ensure that your well is still flowing and your household is in fact using the right type of well pump and producing an appropriate amount of water supply.

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