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Lawn Irrigation Wells in Raleigh

A&T Well and Pump can help you reduce utility costs associated with lawn and gardening maintenance by digging a water well with a lawn irrigation system.

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A&T Well and Pump is proud to offer lawn irrigation well services to our clients. We have been providing water well services for more than 10 years and know how to create a lawn irrigation system that well keep your lawn healthy.

Why Choose a Lawn Irrigation Well System?

Typically hose spraying and a sprinkler systems have a disadvantage to an irrigation system. If you are using municipal water sources, the cost associated can be extreme, not to mention the damage to plants and the leaching of nutrients caused from excessive watering.

An irrigation system will:

  • Pull water from the underground water table
  • Reduce expenses and dependency on city system
  • Be set to provide a specific amount of water at a given time
  • Prevents soil erosion/preserves nutrients
  • Saves more time that would normally be spent watering your plants
  • Allow you to water your lawn during drought/water restrictions

What are the Costs of a Lawn Irrigation System

Your initial costs for installation and the pump, permits from your city(if required) and the electricity cost to running your pump system will likely be the only out of pocket costs for such a water supply.

Save Money on Utility Payments

Everyone wants their home to look beautiful. A clean and green landscaped yard will make every home increase in value, but the costs of watering a lawn can be excessive.

Let A&T Well and Pump help you save money by calling for a consultation about our lawn irrigation systems.

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